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The worshipping communities of the Uniting Church in the City came into being in 2003, creating one congregation, affirming our unity in diversity and agreeing to work together to further God's mission. Mission is a primary purpose for our existence. The desire of the worshipping communities of Ross Memorial, Trinity and Wesley was to develop new mission activities focussed locally within the City, which would most effectively be achieved if the congregations in the City worked together. Since 2003, we have made significant progress towards fulfilling this desire and continue to strive towards this goal today.

We celebrate our shared heritage of strong preaching and music ministries, of compassionate responses to community need, and of active participation in public life.

We celebrate the pastoral leadership of elders, the close relationship between minister and members, the focus on worship of almighty God and the commitment to global mission which has come to us from our Presbyterian heritage.

We celebrate the emphasis on congregational participation in decision making, the affirmation of the ministry of women, openness to the community, the generosity of sharing and the commitment to developing new churches which has come to us from our Congregational heritage.

We celebrate the congregational culture diversity, the willingness to be do'ers, taking risks and being innovative, the emphasis on both social justice and evangelism, and the commitment to serve the most needy in our city, which has come to us from our Methodist heritage.

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For information about burials of Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian ancestors in the Perth metropolitan region please visit the East Perth Cemeteries website:www.eastperthcemeteries.com.au 

Ross Memorial Trinity Wesley

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