Art (Jeanne) PM

Tutor: Jeanne McWhirter

Watercolour - Oil - Acrylic

From the complete beginner to the more advanced students, this course will cater for all. Ongoing tips and techniques to help you advance your skills.

Learn about primary colours, how to mix them with the addition of white to make almost any colour you will need.

Learn to plan your painting and minimising unwanted details.

Learn how to apply acrylic paints to give the best finish to your picture. Acrylic paint dries fast so can be painted over and corrected quickly if mistakes occur. Texture also adds interest.

Learn how to apply the paint in layers so it dries evenly without cracking over time. Oil paint is slow drying, but can be worked thickly to give texture. A popular medium. 

Materials list available.

Suitable for: All skill levels

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